Friday, December 18, 2009

Last Chance to get stuff at the Compound Gallery!

That's right, this weekend is your last chance to shop at Holidayland at the Compound and Blankspace Galleries.
Here is the awesome display that Matt and Lena put together for my heads:
Ben Belknap Ceramics
Here is one of the nicer, larger (more expensive) one of my heads:
Ben Belknap Ceramics
Ben Belknap Ceramics
Here are some cups that I made that are for sale. One of them sold already.
Ben Belknap Ceramics
And here is another head.
Ben Belknap Ceramics
Of course there's lots of other good goodies for your last minute shopping needs. Check out their site for more details.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ben Belknap ceramic Sculpture

Holidayland and Craft Fair at CCA

Well the craft fair time of year is upon us and I have been busy.
First of all I have work up at The Compound Gallery for their Holidayland event which they hold in conjunction with Blankspace Gallery nextdoor.
Holidayland Oakland art and craft sale
Here is the info from their website:
(November 27- December 20th)
First Friday Reception: Friday, December 4th, 6-10pm
Galleries are open extended hours during the sale:WEDNESDAY – SUNDAY 12-8pm
*additional holiday cheer events Dec 13th and 20th 4-8pm

This is the second year we will be joining forces with Blankspace located next door to create a holiday Extravaganza! This year we are looking to offer more local original artwork, handmade crafty items, accessories, cards, ornaments, tote bags and creative fun stuff. Both galleries will be themed with rustic Paul Bunyan decor and will feature over 100 great local artists, designers and craftspeople. Small works of art, ceramics, accessories, paper goods, household goods, gifts for kiddies, jewelry and many more affordable indie gifts. Many fun activities through out the sale including- Get your holiday photo taken in our themed photo booth (proceeds go to Art in Oakland Schools) and spin the Wheel o’ bounty for prizes.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS (see Blankspace for more artists!):, Adrian Van Allen, Alissa Goss, Amy Martin, Anne Garvey, Art for a Democratic Society, Ben Belknap, Billy Davidson, Brandy Gardner, Brave Moonman, Claudia Bauer, Christopher Romer, Crystal Morey, Ezme Designs, Flock Home, Foxes and Robbers, Hue Yang, Jake Gillespie, Kate Donaldson-Fletcher, Katie Kaapcke, Laura Borchert, lemonade handmade jewelry, Lena Verderano Reynoso, Lucie-Lu, Matt Reynoso, Masako Miki, Noah Sakamoto, Noelle Nakama, Phineas Wilson Peale, Esq., Recession Clothing, Roberto Gastelumendi, Ryan McJunkin, Shannon Ingraham, Tallulah Terryll, Terrariums by Kat Geiger, unatuna, W.Ho Made It, YaChin Bonny You, and MORE!!"

I have several heads up on an awesome display made by Matt and Lena for the show. It's a stump of a log right up on the counter with the heads all hanging off of it.
I will add a picture of it later, it looks great.

I already had feedback from a happy customer from Holidayland. Local ceramic artist Derik Van Beers came in to my work to show me pictures of the heads that he bought because he was so excited. He even sent me copies:
This is a picture of a wall of ceramic art he has in his house. My work is on the far right.
Ben Belknap Ceramic art
Here is a close-up of the three heads that he bought. People always like to pick out a group of heads that look good together. I suppose it suggests some sort of narative.
Ben Belknap Ceramic art

So you can buy your own heads at Holidayland or you can buy them direct from me at the CCA(California College of the Arts) Craft Fair in Oakland this Saturday.

CCA Craft fair
Here is the info from their site:
"Holiday Fair
A winter arts and crafts bazaar
Saturday, December 5, 2009, 11 am–3 pm

Main walkway, Oakland campus
Oakland campus map (PDF)
Directions »

Twice a year CCA Student Affairs staff turn the idyllic Oakland campus into a bustling arts bazaar. The public is invited to shop for one-of-a-kind, handmade, affordable gifts created by the CCA community: paintings, drawings, cards, jewelry, ceramics, hand blown glass, clothing, photography, textiles, and more. Discover unique gifts while enjoying live jazz music and holiday treats.

Participation in selling is open to all CCA students, alumni, faculty, and staff. To register for a table click here. The deadline to register is November 27, 5:00pm.

For more information email"

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

So I started a Blog of only pictures from the "Drawing Telephone" game. So far it only has ones from my house and a few from my old sketchbook. I either drew a picture or wrote a sentence in most of them though not all.
Hopefully we will get some other people's examples posted as well.
Also I just wanted to say that I didn't make the game up and I'm not exactly sure it is call "Drawing Telephone" but I was told it was when I learned the game.
If you are not familiar with the game I will outline it briefly.
You need at least 4-5 people and sheets of paper/sketchbooks and pens for each.
You start by writing a sentence at the top of the page (you could start with a picture).
Next everyone passes their piece of paper.
The next person illustrates the sentence that the first person wrote on that piece of paper.
They fold over the sentence so that only the picture is visible.
Everyone passes their piece of paper again.
The next person writes a caption below the picture.
They fold over the picture so that only the sentence is visible.
Everyone passes and so on until the page is filled up or you run out of people to add.
I recommend that you try it and then send me a picture so I can post it on the blog.
Here is a link to the Blog: Drawing Telephone

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cup Swap tomorrow

I'm going to the cup swap at the CCAc Ceramics Dept. tomorrow evening and I made some sweet little cups for it. Just thought I'd share them with y'all.

Ben Belknap Cup

I made them as pinch pots and flattened them square. Then I drew the men with White and Black underglaze on 2 sides of each cup. Finally I used a clear glaze on the inside.

Ben Belknap Ceramic Cup
Ben Belknap Ceramic Cup
Ben Belknap Ceramic Cup
So I'm bringing the little one, just so you know.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

recent sketchbook drawings

This is a glacier.
Ben Belknap Drawing
I thought that I would post some recent drawings just to show what else I'm up to.
Ben Belknap Drawing

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Opening at the Compound and Art in a Box

So tomorrow, Friday October 2nd is first Friday in Oakland so it's your best chance to see Crystal Morey, Derek Weisberg, and my show at the Compound Gallery.
I'll be there.
You should come.
Also I just thought I'd let everyone see my new pieces for Art in a Box.
Here is the lowdown:
"The Compound Gallery is pleased to announce ART IN A BOX, a new art subscription service featuring Bay Area artists. Operating on the model of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) or wine subscription service, Art in a Box offers amazing original works of art instead of vegetables or wine. Each month subscribers receive a new work of fine art by a different local artist. Our featured artists work in a variety of mediums (ceramic, printmaking, painting, collage, digital prints, etc.) and most of them live and work in Oakland or San Francisco.

Subscribers can indicate a preference in mediums, but not the artist or piece. All artwork is contained in an 11” x 17” x 3” box along with the artist’s bio. Subscriptions are $30/month for pick up only, and $50/month which includes shipping and a bonus piece (there is a minimum three month subscription). We currently have subscribers in all parts of the U.S.—from Oakland to Brooklyn. Art in a Box allows subscribers to receive high quality works worth much more than the subscription cost, gives local artists national exposure, and helps to support the arts and artists in the Bay Area."

And here is the latest:

East Bay Express: I'm on the cover. Awesome.

So, I've gotten a few emails in the last couple of days about reviews for "This Long Road." There are a couple of nice blog reviews as well as an online article that just came out in the East Bay Express. Anyhow today I just found out they used my 'Asbestos Suit' piece on the cover of the actual issue of the East Bay Express. Crazy. Anyhow you should pick up a copy if you can. Here is a picture of the cover:

Ben Belknap ceramic sculpture

All you have to do is remove this sticker for "Star Wars in Concert":
Ben Belknap ceramic sculpture

And this is the picture revealed:
Ben Belknap ceramic sculpture

If you're not in the bay area you can read the review here.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Show at the Compound update

Hey everyone check out this awesome page of the pieces from the show that Matt and Lena put up over at the Compound Gallery.
If yer so inclined you can buy the art there as well.
I will hopefully have some other good pictures at some point but this is pretty sweet.
Thanks yet again Matt and Lena.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A sucessful show and Jordan has a Blog!

Hey thanks to everyone who came out to the art opening on Saturday. For those of you who didn't: you missed out. The turnout was great and it was wonderful seeing so many people I hadn't seen in a long time. The show will be up for a month so it's not too late to see it if you're around.
Jordan Mello
My friend and colleague Jordan Mello has a newish blog:
Check it out.
He has just added some of his ceramic sculpture.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Show in Progress

So these are some sculptures I'm in the process of glazing tonight. They have a base coat of underglaze on their skin that I fired on in the bisque firing. Now I have rubbed black underglaze into the crevices to bring out the detail and I am about to add shadows and highlights. Next I will glaze their eyes, hair and finally clothing.
Ben Belknap Ceramic Sculpture
This is a sculpture I got out of the kiln a couple of days ago using the same process as above(different grey-green underglaze for the skin color.)
Ben Belknap Ceramic Sculpture
Next is the finished flame wall pedestal. Turned out rather nice though I broke one of the flame points off of the upper left hand side. I'll have to glue unfortunately.
Ben Belknap Ceramic Sculpture

Finally a little test piece I made with an old 1961 slip casting mold of a geisha that I used as a press mold.
Ben Belknap Ceramic Sculpture

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This long road: in the works

Ben Belknap
So here are some pictures of some work that I'm getting ready for the show next month.
We just fired a couple of kilns full of work that we'll be unloading tomorrow evening. The last couple of nights I've just been glazing glazing glazing. The piece with the flames you can see was glazed with old duncan leaded glazes. They are absolutely gorgeous. I've already glaze fired it twice but it's going in the kiln tomorrow for yet another round.
Ben Belknap
Here are some shots of me in the studio.
Ben Belknap

Ben Belknap
Stay tuned I'll try to keep posting as I ramp up for the show.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This Long Road

So I'm going to be in a show next month with my good friends Crystal Morey and Derek Weisberg. It's at the Compound Gallery where I have been selling heads for quite a while now(see earlier posts). Here are the details about the show:

This Long Road is a show of individual works as well as collaborative pieces, made by Ben Belknap, Derek Weisberg, and Crystal Morey. All three artists were schoolmates at the California College of Arts and Crafts where a relationship began rooted in the love of figurative sculpture. Each artist has their own interpretation and style of the body as well as emotional content behind the work. In “This Long Road’ the artists will each represent their own work, and then explore the wonder, innovation, and trials of working together on a larger project.
Opening: Saturday September 12
Closing: Sunday September 27th

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ceramic Beer Bottles

These are some really awesome ceramic bottles that my friend Mikael Kirkman has been making that I have been helping with. We are planning an art show where we are going to have different artists glaze the outside of the bottles. Afterwards we are going to brew beer in them and display them at the Guerrilla cafe in Berkeley.
Also we're working on a couple glazes that we are going to try to market to some different brewers. We'll see. The ash glaze (the drippy one, for you non-ceramic types) is especially cool and old-timey looking. Anyhow contact me if yer interested in decorating a bottle and stay tuned as I'll have more pictures as we make more.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I've been working on some small pieces that are sort of tests for a larger project I want to work on. They're in the kiln right now so I don't have any pictures but I found this photo on the internet that is somewhat similar. The glaze is going to look really good.