Thursday, October 1, 2009

East Bay Express: I'm on the cover. Awesome.

So, I've gotten a few emails in the last couple of days about reviews for "This Long Road." There are a couple of nice blog reviews as well as an online article that just came out in the East Bay Express. Anyhow today I just found out they used my 'Asbestos Suit' piece on the cover of the actual issue of the East Bay Express. Crazy. Anyhow you should pick up a copy if you can. Here is a picture of the cover:

Ben Belknap ceramic sculpture

All you have to do is remove this sticker for "Star Wars in Concert":
Ben Belknap ceramic sculpture

And this is the picture revealed:
Ben Belknap ceramic sculpture

If you're not in the bay area you can read the review here.


Hue said...

OMG!!!!! that is so cool!!!! did you get 100 copy? and star war sticker is a good surprise too :-)

elka said...

dude that is HUGE! way to go!!