Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eureka! It works!

Ben Belknap is a Genius

So something I've had in the works for some time now is finally done(though not perfected yet). I have been interested in creating a heat sensitive ceramic vessel where clothing disappears when hot liquid is introduced. Recently Karl McDade was kind enough to invite me to be in a Gravy Boat Show at Diablo Valley College which gave me the perfect opportunity to test out my new concept. This is the gravy boat that I made:

Ben Belknap is a Genius

Just add hot liquid and....

Ben Belknap is a Genius

Ben Belknap is a Genius

Unfortunately this is as transparent as it gets for now. Still rather novel if you ask me. However I intend to find a more transparent base that would give a true clear as opposed to this yellowish color. So stay tuned.
For more information on the gravy boat show visit Diablo Valley College's website here. The show runs 11/1 - 11/23 and I believe there is a closing party. The work will be sold silent auction style with a buy it now option. Also I believe you can "buy it now" over the internet if you are so inclined here(not up yet, check back).


Hue said...

wow...that is so freaking cool!!! Now I should start making you a naked monkey cup so we can put the bikini on it :-)

freakaroni said...

I love your gravy boat, Ben... and I love the naked monkey cup idea! Naked monkeys are so hot!

bentonight said...

Thanks guys, I knew y'all would like it. Hue you should definitely make a naked monkey cup now(or 2 so we can each have one). I guess you just needed to see an example for you to be inspired.